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Default Legal Services

Default Legal Services - Texas
  • Foreclosure (including Texas Home Equity Loans and Reverse Mortgages)
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Loan Modification
  • Eviction
  • Bankruptcy
  • Deceased Mortgagor Default Solutions


Services for All 254 Texas Counties
Wealth of Experience
Focus on Loss Mitigation
Advanced Technology

Our firm is a trusted solution for mortgage loan servicers. The financial services industry relies on our team of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers for complete foreclosure, loss mitigation, eviction, bankruptcy, and deceased mortgagor foreclosure solutions. With a wealth of experience, a focus on loss mitigation, and advanced technology, we offer the solutions you need for your loan servicing business.

Wealth of Experience

Our lawyers gained invaluable experience in foreclosure, bankruptcy, and eviction proceedings during the financial crisis of the late 1980’s when an unprecedented number of defaults occurred throughout the Sunbelt region. James L. Robertson, Everett Anschutz, Ruth Garner, and Jeff Lewis practiced foreclosure law during that time and represented lenders, the VA and FHA offices in Texas, and mortgage insurance companies. We represent lenders and servicers of all sizes including some of the top servicers with multi-billion dollar loan portfolios.

Focus on Loss Mitigation

While we customize our services to meet your specific needs, our unique and acclaimed practice of helping facilitate communication with borrowers has proven successful in mitigating loss for lenders. In addition to speaking directly with borrowers, we help ensure all options have been explored and evaluated before foreclosing. A dditionally, loss mitigation includes, among other things, negotiating and completing deeds in lieu of foreclosure and facilitating short sales.

Advanced Technology

We are able to utilize all loan servicing systems, including the widely-used LPS system. Additionally, our firm’s advanced proprietary software system provides us with customizable service management resources that help achieve the results you need.

The managing attorney for our Default Legal Services is Jeffry B. Lewis
(Email: jlewis@ravdocs.com - Phone: 713-244-1360)